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John Day River 

Let Your Cares Float Away at a John Day River RV Park


Are you going to spend some time fishing or paddling along the winding path of the John Day River and are looking for quiet and comfortable RV parks? Look no farther than North Fork RV and Camping in Monument, OR. Perfectly positioned on the banks of the river, you can enjoy sunny days and silent nights far from the bustle of city living.


Unplug from Your Digital World


Our little valley is located right at the bend in the river and is surrounded by beautiful rusty mountains. It creates a wonderful spot to escape from your hectic life, but it also has no cell coverage. You will be on a quiet vacation from emails and robocalls as you cast your fly or spend some time exploring the shallows and banks of the river.


Everything You Need without the Fuss


Bring your chair and favorite beverage up to the deck at the community hall and spend some time watching the water flow by or connect with other campers in a friendly atmosphere. Clean bathrooms, a pool table, and board games can also be found in the community hall as a nice option to hanging out in your RV on a rainy day. Is your dog traveling with the family? They are welcome, too!


Serene Views that Welcome You Home


The best part of staying at a John Day River RV park is the proximity to thousands of acres of public forests, unique fossil beds, and a world of places waiting for you to explore. Get to know more of your world when you take a day trip to any of the surrounding national parks and return home at night to your comfortable RV bed. Book your family adventure at our RV park today using our quick online reservation system or give us a ring during regular business hours.

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